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Art between border and river Maas


The IFMA Art collective is a foundation founded in December 2000.

The Art collective is an initiative from artists and gallery owners working and living in the town of Bergen in the region of Noord-Limburg. Over the years artists from the towns of Gennep, Mook, Well and Kleve (Germany) have also joined IFMA.

The objective of IFMA is to involve residents, companies and institutions in Noord-Limburg and the neighbouring German border area with all sorts of Art activities. 

To achieve this objective IFMA organizes visual arts activities, works together with educational institutions and establishes contacts with regional companies and institutions to engage in partnerships in the area of ​​visual arts in the broadest sense of the word. In doing so, IFMA tries to give its activities a cross-border character through cooperation with German colleagues.


Henk Vissers - Artist and Chairman IFMA

Laura Sol - Art historian and Secretary IFMA

Rob van den Broek - Artist, Bronze caster and Treasurer IFMA

Claus Burgers - Gallery owner

Frans X Goossens - Architect

Frans Klerkx – Artist

Theo Selen - Artist

Norbert Simons - Gallery owner

Leonie Tielen - Artist

Henny Weckx - Artist

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