We, the signing artists from 20 countries around the world and all supporters have contributed to the international art project "Pillars of Freedom". With this project we want to set a sign.

Our ambition is to motivate people to refer to a more active and clear positioning for a self-determined life in freedom, grounded in the basic democratic order of society. We encourage people around the world to advocate for tolerance, diversity and respect for others.

We want to do this particularly, where autocrats and egomaniacs take power, nationalism again becomes socially acceptable, bureaucrats and speculators limit the free development of people in an unsocial way, or where terrorists attack democracy.

For this reason, we have created works of art of at least 2 meters high, at different places in the world, in different social systems. Each of these works of art should be a memorial to freedom. Every single work of art embodies the belief that freedom can function in our societies. Each work of art is at the same time a value or a mode of behavior, which is important to the artist in terms of freedom. In our project, we deliberately avoided denunciation and focused on positive aspects of freedom. We believe that freedom can only be secured by virtue of an active balance of individual self-realization and an open society over time.

We invite you to dialogue! A large part of our works of art is in the public space and is thus a freely accessible contribution to the social discussion on freedom. Learn more about the project at


"Install across Europe Sculptures,
which represent a "Pillar of Freedom"
and link them together to an
important art project for Freedom
November 9, 2017."


“Pillars of Freedom” is an international art project with the purpose to of raising and building awareness about the importance of freedom across Europe.

The project, Pillars of Freedom, wants to re-focus society upon the significance of freedom and remind people of the values and behaviors, which have formed the pillars of free life in Europe over the last 70 years. Several sculptors around the world create a sculpture of minimun 200 cm height. All sculptures will be linked to one big art project on November 9.2017, the day when the walls broke in Germany, still an important day for freedom.

The project focusses on the positive examples and avoids claiming on any specific person or institution.



The initiator Alfred Mevissen is actual on a sabbatical leave from a manager position in pharmaceutical industry and has decided to engage for freedom in times where multiple factors  are challenging a free way of living.


His passion for sculpting has triggerd the idea for the project. His vision is to see pillars of freedom growing at serveral places in in the world. The purpose is to remind the society to engage for one of our most important value which is freedom. He wants to set positiv meassages reflected in the sculptures, how freedom can work in our societies. He himself will create at least one pillar of freedom and will take responsibility to initiate several projects to realize "Pillars of Freedom" in many countires. He will engage to find sculptors an find funding for the project. Within 2017 the created sculptures will be link to one important art project and build a strong message to engage for freedom. In addition he wants to gather your thoughts and learn which "Pillars of Freedom" are most important from your point of view.


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