Ivo Drissen Ivo Drissen

Freedom is a dialogue

After I was invited by Alfred to participate in Pillars of Freedom project I was immediately puzzled by the concept.

Freedom as such is, unnecessary to say,  a up to date Theme. Yet it seems to be defined by the non presence off it.

As a autodidact Artist and a free thinking Spirit my minds eye wanders in the most various directions.

To get a grasp of things I often start with constructing a definition.

As the Oxford philosophers did many years a go.

It gives me direction in thinking. It gives me a point to return to.

Thats when the puzzle really started to jig saw.

For it is a paradox.

The definition of Freedom is, in my mind, non existing. For it is defined by unFreedom.

Freedom without borders is endless.

Whereas Freedom with borders finds no beginning.

So it seems that the two need each other to be existing at all.

A co-dependency.

And as I thought this through I realized that if the two concepts could not be present separately, I would have to make two pillars.

Clearly belonging to one another, clearly connected.

Yet not touching. Each their own being

The two are only to be seen as one.



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