Samstag, Oktober 14 2017

On Being Created

She's underway....this sculpture for Freedom Pillars...and in just a short amount of time, she will make her debut....

Okay, so the kickstarter forum didn't work out.  I went into in knowing that if it was meant to be, it will be.  While simultaneously working on other projects, commissions and works, I have still managed to carve the time to create my lady.....

She is slowly coming to fruition...the small model for her is done in wax and will shortly be realized in bronze.  Though she won't be made directly in bronze....she will be realized in resin....and for this moment, I am happy with that.  It's a beautiful material and perhaps meant to be this way for the moment!  Stay tuned!!


FreedomPillarModel2.JPG, Oct 2017


Mittwoch, August 30 2017


We never should attack what is important to our next.If we do so, we start attacking the freedom.But we need to take a position for what we stand for as well.( Thoughts from a discussion about freedom, i followed today)  Wir sollten nicht angreifen was dem Nächsten wichtig ist. Wenn wir das tun,  […]


Sonntag, August 20 2017

Freiheit durch Verbundenheit

Die Säule der Künsterinnengruppe Pentacaela wurde am 18.8.2017 in Waat aufgerichtet.


Dienstag, August 15 2017

Ein sehr spannendes Projekt....

Es ist ein schönes Gefühl, an diesem Projekt teilzunehmen. Wir glauben an George Washingtons Worte: "Freiheit - hat sie erst einmal Wurzeln geschlagen - ist eine Pflanze, die sehr schnell wächst." Marianne und Dirk      


Freitag, August 11 2017

In the midst of all this creation....

PillarsofFreedomsketch1.jpg here it goes.  So, I've been putting this part off for some time now (since March actually).  Procrastination could be considered a classic artists' trait.  At least one of mine.  The writing I mean....this blog is what I've put off.  First of all, I'm not a writer, I'm a visual artist.    […]


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